Ready for 21st Century Parenting ?

A Fun Webinar for Parents

What is this?

This is a free, live webinar by a Parenting Coach to connect and motivate parents, of the type described below; or simply any interested parents who wish to join in! What this is NOT is another boring lecture on Do’s & Don’ts on Parenting! It is a fun, immersive and reflective experience, to help you understand and deal with the points mentioned!

And it’s free! We urge you to participate with your spouse/partner, as you will enjoy the dynamics and benefit together.

Who is this for?

  • If you’re a Parent practising Social Distancing right now and are inextricably confined to the same space as your kid(s)!! You’re going crazy and need a time-out for yourself!
  • If you find yourself irritable, impatient or overwhelmed and are grappling with how to be around your child(ren) now!
  • If you or your partner has been yelling ‘Because I told you so!’ or ‘Go find something to do!’ to your child(ren) and want better ways and means to communicate and engage!

When will it happen and how do I enroll?

We will include a maximum of 20 participants per session, so hurry to block your spot.

After the program Is scheduled, please click on the enroll tab on this page and register.


Post registration, please come back to this page on the day of the event to join the Webinar.





About the Facilitator

Educator, Life Coach & Therapist

Nisha Rao is a mother, Educator, Therapist and Life Coach at L.I.F.E. - Life Is Fun n Exciting! With over 20 Years experience in people & process management practice, She facilitates workshops on Behavioural transformation in • Parenting • Enhancing communication & relationships through Self-Awareness • Personal / professional development for Children & Adults With a unique blend of experiences…

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