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Leading from Within-2

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Welcome to Leading from Within – 2. This program is a sequel to the introductory module of Leadership Frames, which is hosted as Leading from Within – 1, a separate program on this platform.

We are excited to invite you to Leading from Within, an Online Leadership Program carefully created by us, based on our experience in leadership development and personal growth, to cater to a larger and more diverse audience.

Leading from Within will help you develop a deeper awareness and understanding about self, initiate a journey of personal transformation, and create the foundation for powerful leadership in life.

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(4 Module(s) |4 Session(s) | 7 hour(s) )

About the trainer

Founder, Life Learning Solutions

PERSONAL FOCUS & EXPERTISE: Atul Jog is a Leadership and Transformation Coach, working at the CXO, senior and high potential manager levels across various sectors. He sees every interaction as an opportunity to create transformation. “In my experience, the way the problem gets defined, creates the hurdles or access, in reaching a sustainable solution. If one excludes oneself from the…

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Program features

Key elements of the Program:

● This Program comprises of 4 Modules – Life Sentences, Emotional Intelligence, Iceberg and Context. This program should be taken up only after completing the introductory module, Leadership Frames, which is hosted as a separate program on this platform.

● The Program will be conducted through a combination of Videos and Webinar/ Coaching. The intention of the videos will be to introduce the Modules and initiate self-reflection and Webinars/ Coaching will focus on deepening the awareness and address individual challenges.

● Once you begin your Program, you will also be assigned a Coach, whose details will be shared with you. You will be required to connect with your Coach for the webinars/ Coaching Sessions to help you in deepening the understanding
of the material.