Mindfulness is key to personal effectiveness

From Clutter to Calm – The Mindfulness Masterclass

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From Clutter to Calm – The Mindfulness Masterclass

How many of us want to move from CLUTTER to CALM?

The clutter of distractions is very loud and compelling in our lives today; be it our 9 – 5 jobs, household chores, kids’ online schools and last but not the least technology in the form of social media.

Thinking about the past or worrying about the future seems to have become an acceptable way of being, for most of us today; thereby causing stress, anxiety, loss of sleep etc. And this happens, as we are unable to focus on and use effectively the most precious gift of all – our present moment.

So how does one make this shift to the present moment – to where the calm is?

The encouraging news is that there is a simpler, powerful and a scientific way, which can help you access and experience calmness in as less as 5 days!!

Sathyanarayan Iyer, certified Level 2 Leadership and Mindfulness coach, has put together this very useful Masterclass on Mindfulness, titled “From Clutter to Calm”.

By ‘Mindfulness’ he means being able to clear the clutter of the past, the future, the worries and being in the present moment where life is happening!

Over the last 1 year Satya, as he is popularly known,  has been instrumental in helping hundreds of people, in India and across the world, master various simple and practical tips and techniques, based on which, they have seen magnificent positive changes across different walks of life.

Here are some real life impacts:

  • Being able to manage work pressure effectively
  • Regulated sugar levels and blood pressure levels
  • Sound sleep consistently at night
  • Improvement in relationship with spouse and children
  • Being more effective and agile while exercising and doing workouts
  • Becoming a better team leader

InfinumGrowth in collaboration with Satya are offering these unique and easy to implement techniques to you at a nominal price of ₹ 500, as we firmly believe that, each one of us deserves all the calmness and happiness that is rightfully ours!

Come join Satya as we begin this  journey on Tuesday, 30th November, 2021 at 6:30 am!

Meet the Facilitator 

Sathyanarayan Iyer is a leadership & Certified Level 2 Mindfulness coach based at Mumbai. He currently works with leaders empowering them on their journey towards being more effective in their approach with their teams.  To know more about him, please visit his profile given at the bottom of this page.

About the Facilitator

Leadership & Mindfulness Coach

Sathyanarayan Iyer is a Leadership & Mindfulness coach based at Mumbai. He currently works with leaders empowering them on their journey towards being more effective in their approach with their teams. With a total work experience spanning over 21 years he has worked with leading brands like ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Co. Ltd., HDFC Bank, Lodha Group and others in…

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