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Personal Development is a continuous, 360 degree process. Every aspect of one's behaviour, knowledge and understanding needs continuous update. Learning Videos at InfinumGrowth provide an opportunity to improve a wide range of capabilities, in personal life and at work; at one's own time and pace.

Each video program has a set of well designed learning modules designed and facilitated by experienced professionals, who share their own personal learning and experience to enrich the content.

On completing a program, write to us at learning@infinumgrowth.com, for a free, live, interactive session with the facilitator to clarify answers to questions that may arise.

Here are answers to some of the frequently asked questions about our learning platform InfinumGrowth.

How do I register on the platform?

Once you have visited the url learning.infinumgrowth.com, there are  two ways in which you can register. On the top right of the page, there are two buttons, login and Create an Account. Click the Create an Account button next to it.. Once you click the form will open up. Please fill in the details and you have now successfully registered with us.

The Second way – when you visit a program page through the link shared to you either on WhatsApp or social media. The page link will directly take you to the enroll button page. When you click on enroll, two options will appear as shown below. Existing user, log in or new user, create your login details and make the payment for the program selected.

Why should I register?

There are two reasons why you should register with us. Firstly by registering with us you get automatic access to our programs. Second you will be a part of our mailing list. Every week we send out a weekly newsletter to our subscribers about our latest offerings on our platform.

How do I enroll for a live or learning video program?

  • To begin, one has to sign up on our platform. After that, select the learning video program that you are interested in. Once you have selected your program, on the right side of the page, there is a green box with a label enroll now. Click on that button and you will be taken to the checkout page to make the payment.
  • The checkout box will appear in blue. If you have a coupon code, please apply it in the box. Click there to head to the payment gateway. Enter your billing details and then click on the place order button to proceed with the payment. Your order is successful, you can now watch your learning video.

When a customer purchases a live program on the platform, if for some reason he/she cannot attend, how do they receive the full refund?

If you want to cancel your participation of any program or event, we would require a minimum of 3 days prior to the event to refund the full amount. Thereafter any cancellations happen we will not refund your money.

Is there a way to preview a learning video program before we enroll?

Each learning video program will have a free introduction video by the concerned trainer to explain what one can expect from in terms of content and value of that particular program.

Can we get on a call with the facilitator for clarifications after viewing the videos?

Our learning video programs are designed in such way that the customer has to come for a session with the facilitator for any clarifications or a group discussion. The live session is part of the video package.

Do we have any time limit on watching the learning videos?

We do not have any time limit on the videos, but each program is bundled with a live interactive session post watching the videos. One has to finish all the modules to attend the free live session to complete the program.

During the buying process if my payment on the page hangs at that particular point. What does one do and how do we cancel or start a fresh?

In any normal situation the page will not hang and will go through without any hassle. But for some reason something of that does happen then one can shut down the browser and restart the process again by visiting the program page.

If a payment has been made on the platform but I don’t receive a confirmation email for it, do I assume the payment will be refunded?

When a transaction is being made on the platform, within 5 minutes of the payment, you will receive a mail confirming your order. But if it does not for some reason, the amount will be refunded within the next 24 hours. You can also contact us on learning@infinumgrowth.com for any assistance with your order.

Can a person living outside India pay and join for either live or learning video programs?

Yes, all the programs that are featured on our platform are available for everyone living across the world. Our live programs are timed so that anyone across the globe can attend it. The learning video programs can be viewed at any point in time and there isn’t any time restriction.