Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Terms of Service

www.learning.infinumgrowth.com (also mentioned as InfinumGrowth on this website) is an online learning website. We offer learning on Personal & Professional Growth and Business Management. Our chargeable content includes

  1. Live Online Programs conducted on Zoom.
  2. Learning Videos hosted on our website.
  3. Podcasts hosted on our website.

Content Rights

All the Live Online programs, Learning Videos, Podcasts and Articles offered by InfinumGrowth are  designed and conducted by qualified and experienced working professionals, facilitators and coaches, who are selected through a carefully conducted process.

The content shared in our articles, films and training programs, is curated, designed and presented by the authors, facilitators and InfinumGrowth as a joint effort. The copyright of all such presentations is jointly and owned by the authors, facilitator and InfinumGrowth and no one else.

The training facilitators use theories and information curated from established sources to design the learning programs. All such sources are identified and acknowledged whenever used.

No other party has the right to copy, download, alter, misuse or share further any content provided on learning.infinumgrowth.com by the authors, facilitators and InfinumGrowth. Any such act will be an infringement of the rights of the authors, facilitators and InfinumGrowth and shall be dealt with under the due process of law.

Any material from training programs on learning.infinumgrowth.com may be used by a paying customer for personal development only. Use for professional dissipation needs express written consent from InfinumGrowth and the specific facilitator or coach and needs to be clearly referenced to the source.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Any visitor to this site needs to register with the site and create a log in ID and Password, in order to access the content.
  2. All programs show a price, if they are not offered for free. This price includes GST tax as charged by Government of India.
  3. Any person wishing to participate in any program or wishing to watch learning videos or listen to podcasts, needs to pay the price by clicking on the Enroll button on the program page.
  4. All prices are shown in INR (Indian Rupees). Payments made from any country, using any of the accepted payment instruments of the payment gateway, will need to be convertible to INR at the time of payment.
  5. Once the payment is received, the participant receives confirmation on the site as well as by email and is then provided guidance to proceed further.
  6. Every program page has a clear set of guidelines including the cancellation and refund policy of the website. Please read these and follow the steps to ensure you get access.

Cancellation and Refund

  1. For Live programs, any cancellation done before 72 hours of the program date, shall be accepted and 100% refund will be done, within 48 hours from the time of cancellation, into the bank account number provided by the participant.
  2. For Learning Videos and Podcasts, there is no cancellation policy.
  3. If there are technical issues with respect to access of a live program, learning video or podcast, which are due to issues at the InfinumGrowth  end, we will make efforts to correct the issue; failing which, a 100% refund shall be provided.
  4. If there are last minute issues at the participant end due to which the participant fails to join a live program, we offer the access in the next schedule of the program; or, an alternate programs of same value either learning video or live.
  5. For any querries or issues, you can write to us at learning@infinumgrowth.com
  6. For more information and clarity on our Privacy Policy, please also read the Privacy Policy page on this website.