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Privacy Policy

Personal Development is a continuous, 360 degree process. Every aspect of one's behaviour, knowledge and understanding needs continuous update. Learning Videos at InfinumGrowth provide an opportunity to improve a wide range of capabilities, in personal life and at work; at one's own time and pace.

Each video program has a set of well designed learning modules designed and facilitated by experienced professionals, who share their own personal learning and experience to enrich the content.

On completing a program, write to us at learning@infinumgrowth.com, for a free, live, interactive session with the facilitator to clarify answers to questions that may arise.

learning.infinumgrowth.com is an online learning platform, also called InfinumGrowth in our communications, which is owned by Infinumgrowth Learning Pvt Ltd, a Bengaluru based E-Learning Company.

With a purpose of delivering learning, in order to build capabilities at work and in life, we offer a range of online training programs, either through pre-recorded learning videos or through live, online, interactive sessions conducted on a third party platform, Zoom.

We also offer one-to-one Counselling/Therapy sessions to help those going through self awareness, self esteem, emotional or relationship issues;

and one-to-one Coaching/Mentoring sessions for clients seeking support for personal and professional growth.

At InfinumGrowth we now have our Android mobile App which can also be used to avail these services. The one-to-one interactions can also be conducted through video calls on the App.

learning.infinumgrowth.com herein after called InfinumGrowth and “the platform”, respects the privacy of its facilitators and users and is committed to protect it in all respects. 

Content Rights

All the Articles, Films, Learning Videos and Live Online programs offered by InfinumGrowth are written or made, designed and conducted by qualified and experienced working professionals, authors, facilitators and coaches, who are selected through a carefully conducted process.

The content shared in our articles, films and training programs, is curated, designed and presented by the authors, facilitators and InfinumGrowth as a joint effort. The copyright of all such presentations is jointly and owned by the authors, facilitator and InfinumGrowth and no one else.

The training facilitators use theories and information curated from established sources to design the learning programs. All such sources are identified and acknowledged whenever used.

No other party has the right to copy, download, alter, misuse or share further any content provided at learning.infinumgrowth.com by the authors, facilitators and InfinumGrowth. Any such act will be an infringement of the rights of the authors, facilitators and InfinumGrowth and shall be dealt with under the due process of law. 

Any material from training programs on learning.infinumgrowth.com may be used by a paid customer for personal development only. Use for professional dissipation needs express written consent from InfinumGrowth and the specific facilitator or coach and needs to be clearly referenced to the source.

Counselling/Therapy and Coaching/Mentoring sessions

Every counselling/therapy session or Coaching/Mentoring session is conducted online on a Zoom call or through the mobile app by trained and authenticated Counsellors/Psychotherapists and experienced Coaches/Mentors, where only the client and the counsellor/therapist  or coach/mentor are present. All conversations  are totally confidential and only for the information of the counsellor/therapist or coach/mentor and the client.

InfinumGrowth does not record or access any information about these sessions either in the course of the call or from the counsellor. The counsellor/therapist may record the sessions for their own professional needs, with the permission of the client. Such recordings, if done, are not available to InfinumGrowth and are only saved with the counsellor/therapist.

The Counsellor/Therapist is also not authorised to share this information with any third party except as strictly anonymous examples, if required, for their own academic/professional development and supervision.

The Counsellors and Therapists, as a part of their professional discipline, are supposed to take periodic Supervision from a senior Counsellor/Therapist trained and authorised for this purpose. Any information shared between the Counsellor/Therapist and the Supervisor is strictly between the two of them and purely for the sake of providing better support to the client.

InfinumGrowth does not have any access to the confidential conversations between the Counsellor/Therapist and the Supervisor.

The same principles mentioned above apply to coaching/mentoring sessions.

Mobile App – IG Practice

IG Practice is a free practitioner’s app from InfinumGrowth for Counsellors, Psychotherapists, Life Coaches, Executive Coaches, Leadership Coaches, Business Mentors and Business Consultants.

What is the Purpose of the App?

The Purpose of  the Practitioner app is to help Counsellors, Therapists, Coaches and Mentors access their appointments on the app booked by the clients. This App also enables them to take session calls through the app depending on their convenience. The call can be done through the laptop as well.

What service user can use after login in the IG Practice App?

This app is created and designed for Therapists and not for Consumers. It is for them to view their appointments an check their schedule for the week.

User Information

The information about the user as collected by InfinumGrowth is: 

(a) personal information taken purely for registering the clients and to enable only them to access the services that they have requested/paid for.

(b) feedback/testimonials voluntarily supplied by users and

(c) information automatically tracked while navigating.

User Information is collected for the below services or allied activities:

  • registering to study the offerings
  • making payments for the selected learning videos, live online programs or counselling/therapy sessions
  • viewing the learning videos
  • attending the live online programs/counselling/therapy sessions on Zoom 
  • interacting with the facilitator in live sessions
  • doing exercises attached to the learning programs/sessions
  • completing and submitting post program tests wherever required
  • giving InfinumGrowth the feedback/testimonials on the learning and platform experience 
  • receiving certificates for completed programs
  • receiving our free weekly newsletter
  • or any other service/activity that are not included here and which we may offer in the future

By using InfinumGrowth’s website or its services, you provide your consent to collection, storage and use of the personal information you provide (including any changes thereto as provided by you) for any of these services as explained above.

To avail these services on our website, users are required to provide certain information for the registration process, to us, to our facilitators and coaches, to the payment gateway and to third party service providers connected through InfinumGrowth, that may include but are not limited to the following

  1. Name
  2. Email Address
  3. Gender
  4. Age
  5. Location and Pin Code
  6. Occupation & Interests
  7. Appropriate Professional and personal life information
  8. Feedback / Testimonials shared during or after a program
  9. Personal Picture and/or Bio/Profile
  10. Payment related information

The Information thus supplied by users, enables us to deliver the services required, chosen and paid for by the user, in an efficient manner and with a user-friendly experience. It also ensures that only the user gets the access and no other party can get access to these in the name of the user.

All required information is service dependent and InfinumGrowth may use the above said user information to, maintain, protect and improve its services including providing third party services and for developing new services.

Such information will not be considered as sensitive if it is freely available and accessible in the public domain or is furnished under the Right to Information Act, 2005, any rules made there under or any other law for the time being in force.

The primary reason for gathering such information is for enabling browsing through the platform, selecting programs to purchase and view or participate in, order processing, enable participation in the chosen program, its exercises, tests and feedback processes by the user and any form of support to be provided by us as customer service. For example, we may need to contact the user to provide an update or information regarding the order status or changes that may have happened or to clarify questions related to our services. 

We also use this information to improve our products, services, website content and navigation.

InfinumGrowth does not share any information with any third party other than relevant information to those providing services, which facilitate the delivery of our services.

Delete User account

If a user wants to delete their account from our app, they can contact us on the given email id learning@infinumgrowth.com or WhatsApp us on 8072129158 and we will do the needful.


To improve the responsiveness of the sites for our users, we may use “cookies”, or similar electronic tools to collect information to assign each visitor a unique, random number as a user identification (User ID) to understand the user’s individual interests using the identified computer. Unless you voluntarily identify yourself (through registration, for example), we will have no way of knowing who you are, even if we assign a cookie to your computer. The only personal information a cookie can contain is information you supply. A cookie cannot read data off your hard drive. Our service providing partners may also assign their own cookies to your browser (if you click to avail the service provided by them), a process that we do not control. We receive and store certain types of information whenever you interact with us via website, application or Service though your computer/laptop/netbook or mobile/tablet/ipad/handheld device etc.

Log File Information

We automatically collect limited information about your computer’s connection to the Internet, mobile number, including your IP address, when you visit our site, application or service. Your IP address is a number that lets computers attached to the Internet know where to send you data — such as the pages you view. We automatically receive and log information from your browser, including your IP address, your computer’s name, your operating system, browser type and version, CPU speed, and connection speed. We may also collect log information from your device, including your location, IP address, your device’s name, device’s serial number or unique identification number (e.g. UDiD on your iOS device), your device operating system, browser type and version, CPU speed, and connection speed etc.

Information from other Sources

We may receive information about you from other sources, add it to our account information and treat it in accordance with this policy. If your information is available to any platform provider or other partner from whom we avail services or to whom we provide services, your account information and order information may be passed on to us. We may obtain updated contact information from third parties in order to correct our records and fulfill the Services or to communicate with you.

Demographic and purchase information

We may reference other sources of demographic and other information in order to provide you with more targeted communications and promotions. We use Google Analytics, among others, to track the user behaviour on our website. 

The reports are anonymous and cannot be associated with any individual, personally identifiable information that you may have shared with us. If you don’t want Analytics to be used in your browser, you can install the Google Analytics browser add-on.

Link to third party sites

InfinumGrowth may include links to other websites. Such sites are governed by their respective privacy policies, which are beyond our control. Once you leave our servers (you can tell where you are by checking the URL in the location bar on your browser), use of any information you provide is governed by the privacy policy of the operator of the site you are visiting. That policy may differ from ours. If you can’t find the privacy policy of any of these sites via a link from the site’s homepage, you should contact the site directly for more information.

Information Sharing

InfinumGrowth may need to share the sensitive personal information to any third party without obtaining the prior consent of the User in the following limited circumstances:

When it is requested or required by law or by any court or governmental agency or authority to disclose, for the purpose of verification of identity, or for the prevention, detection, investigation including cyber incidents, or for prosecution and punishment of offences. These disclosures are made in good faith and belief that such disclosure is reasonably necessary for enforcing these Terms; for complying with the applicable laws and regulations.

Access and Updation of Personal Information

When you use InfinumGrowth website, we make efforts in good faith to provide you, as and when requested by you, the access to your personal information and shall further ensure that any personal information or sensitive personal data or information found to be inaccurate or deficient shall be corrected or amended as feasible, subject to any requirement for such personal information or sensitive personal data or information to be retained by law or for legitimate business purposes. 

We ask individual users to identify themselves and the information requested to be accessed, corrected or removed before processing such requests, and we may decline to process requests that are unreasonably repetitive or systematic??, require disproportionate technical effort, jeopardize the privacy of others, or would be extremely impractical (for instance, requests concerning information residing on backup tapes), or for which access is not otherwise required. In any case, where we provide information access and correction, we perform this service free of charge, except if doing so would require a disproportionate effort. Because of the way we maintain certain services, after you delete your information, residual copies may take a period of time before they are deleted from our active servers and may remain in our backup systems.

Information Security

We take appropriate security measures to protect against unauthorized access to or unauthorized alteration, disclosure or destruction of data. These include internal reviews of our data collection, storage and processing practices and security measures, including appropriate encryption and physical security measures to guard against unauthorized access to systems where we store personal data.

All information gathered by InfinumGrowth is securely stored within our controlled database. The database is stored on servers secured behind a firewall; access to the servers is password-protected and is strictly limited. However, as effective as our security measures are, no security system is impenetrable. 

We cannot guarantee the security of our database, nor can we guarantee that information you supply will not be intercepted while being transmitted to us over the Internet. Any information you include in any post in comments section or in a live, online program is available to anyone with Internet access and participating in the same program or reading the comments.

We may change our privacy policy from time to time to incorporate necessary future changes. Of course, our use of any information we gather will always be consistent with the policy under which the information was collected, regardless of what the new policy may be??.


Any complaints or concerns with regards to user information or content or to report any abuse of laws or breach of these terms may be taken up with us by sending an email to
contact@infinumgrowth.com or learning@infinumgrowth.com

All complaints of abuse or concerns with regards to content and or comment?? or breach of these terms shall be addressed by us within reasonable time to conduct our own checks and revert.

We request you to please provide specific information in your complaint including evidence to support the complaint and any supporting information that validates the complaint.