Startup Strategies: Scalable and Sustainable Business Models – A Free Webinar

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Startup Strategies: Scalable and Sustainable  Business Models – A Free Webinar

“Never let a good crisis go to waste”…. Winston Churchill

Your startup is  a dream  that you have always wanted to live. You faced every challenge and got so far. With  the  physical  world  business taking a major blow owing to the pandemic outbreak, your dream has hit the wall.

Now What??!!

Program Objective 

Never has the need for a  sustainable business model been felt so much as today. After the pandemic is gone, successful startups will be defined as those who, by their ability and willingness to drive a powerful  transformation, that could sustain the pandemic. Such startups will get a disproportionate advantage over others, to scale to the next level; while others grapple to come back to their feet.

The best thing you can do in the lockdown period, while sitting at home, is to introspect and upscale yourself; with business strategies to build a sustainable business or to pivot your business to face the turbulent times by understanding the impact of COVID on your business.

During this lockdown, our mission is to prepare you to come out stronger than ever before and overcome any business obstacles.

We also strongly feel that most entrepreneurs don’t need “gyaan”; what they need is an open conversation to brainstorm their challenges and sound advice coming from experienced minds.

Nischal Kapadia is a highly qualified and experienced professional with strong experience in Business Strategy. Nischal works on Strategy & Projects as a part of the CEO’s team at Edelweiss Global Asset Management, working in India and International Markets. Read more about Nischal in the detailed profile at the end of this page.

Nischal Kapadia will conduct this  Free Webinar where he will take you through how to convert the present crisis into an opportunity; to transform your venture into a scalable and sustainable business, by a proven step by step frame work, built with precision to ensure that you come out stronger.

So, whether you are an early stage startup or a funded one… let’s have this conversation !!

What you can achieve with this Webinar

  • Fundamentals of scalable and sustainable businesses
  • The mental shift from being a founder to an entrepreneur
  • Manage it like a BOSS – which aspects to focus and de-focus
  • Dealing with turbulent times [pandemic impact or otherwise]
  • Gearing up for the next level of growth in the changing environment
  • Module 6 (Bonus Module) Funding your Venture


About the Facilitator

Strategy( Edelweiss) / Mentor of Change(Niti Aayog)

He is a IIM-C alumni in addition to being a CS & LLB working with Edelweiss Group. Here he handles Strategy & Projects as part of the CEOs office at Edelweiss Global Asset Management having presence in domestic as well as international geographies like US, UK & APAC. Prior to this he was Head of Business Compliance & Legal. He…

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