7 Slices of Happiness – Towards a more Balanced You; Online Program

Personal Development is a continuous, 360 degree process. Every aspect of one's behaviour, knowledge and understanding needs continuous update. Learning Videos at InfinumGrowth provide an opportunity to improve a wide range of capabilities, in personal life and at work; at one's own time and pace.

Each video program has a set of well designed learning modules designed and facilitated by experienced professionals, who share their own personal learning and experience to enrich the content.

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7 Slices of Happiness – Towards a more Balanced You; Online Program

The Challenge:

We are pulled in so many directions that it’s hard to focus and prioritize what’s really important for each one of us at a given point! Further, we are often caught up between what we ‘should’ do versus what we really want to do. As a result, stress builds up and affects our emotional, mental and physical states.

The Seven Slices Program:

Join Sanjay Rao Chaganti, Happiness Catalyst; Leadership & Life Coach, in this very focussed program on learning a framework that can help manage life and situations better.

This program is designed in two sessions as explained below

Session 1: 90 Minutes on 24th Jan, 2021

In the first session of  90 minutes interaction, you will be empowered to

  • Learn and apply a simple framework to see how balanced your life is; and, prioritise areas for future focus
  • Bring more focus, balance and peace into your life
  • Use this framework to have a balanced plan each week

Session 2: 45 minutes on 31st January, 2021 

  • Practice the learnings of Session 1 and then meet the trainer again in this second session, to clarify questions and deepen your learning.


Here’s what earlier participants of this program have said:

 “There are many things that I liked about the session:

  •  Clarity of the objectives of the session, and having achieved those by the end of the session.
  • Simplified framework that captures different critical aspects of our life. We tend to ignore some or most of them, while we are busy addressing the ‘urgent’ issues. The framework helps do quick checks on all the aspects.
  • Practical tips, especially on doing a weekly list. ”  – Neeta Rao, US Embassy, India

“Thank you so much for such a wonderful time and have a chance to analyse myself through the seven slices. I have not looked inwards at myself for quite a while and today’s session give me a great opportunity.” – Dr. Ei Thinzar, ACDI/VOCA, Myanmar

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Feedback from earlier programs at InfinumGrowth

Sanjay Rao Chaganti had conducted a program called Hello Mr. Crocodile, in Sept, 2020.

Here’s the participant feedback –

“It was a very practical session with good take-aways. good value for time invested.”Bharat

“I thoroughly enjoyed the session. It was short, crisp and insightful.” – Divya

“Simple and potent practices in a 2 hour capsule. Absolutely engaging. warmed up to Sanjay”Priya 



About the Facilitator

Happiness Catalyst - Leadership & Life Coach

After over twenty years in international Health and Marketing across the world, Sanjay is today a Leadership and Life Coach and a Trainer on Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness. His mission is to help smart individuals lead more passionate and fulfilling lives by cultivating emotional balance.Sanjay connects with people through customized one-on-one coaching, team workshops, and facilitating/ moderating large group sessions…

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