Employee Wellbeing

EAP for Organisations

Personal Development is a continuous, 360 degree process. Every aspect of one's behaviour, knowledge and understanding needs continuous update. Learning Videos at InfinumGrowth provide an opportunity to improve a wide range of capabilities, in personal life and at work; at one's own time and pace.

Each video program has a set of well designed learning modules designed and facilitated by experienced professionals, who share their own personal learning and experience to enrich the content.

On completing a program, write to us at learning@infinumgrowth.com, for a free, live, interactive session with the facilitator to clarify answers to questions that may arise.

InfinumGrowth provides a package of services for organisations which could form a part of their Employee Assistance Programs(EAP).

Employees in organisations come with the hope of addressing multiple goals in life. At the same time, they also come with their own unique personalities, behaviour styles; and strengths and limitations  in terms of different skills – behavioural, inter-personal and work related.

Added to these are the effect of their personal life issues and stresses which they bring, unconsciously, to the workplace. Likewise, they carry back issues and stresses from the workplace to their personal lives.

The combination of their own goals and the organisational expectations on one hand; and their own skills and baggages as mentioned above, create unique situation for each employee.

Some manage well and move ahead, while many struggle at different points, leading to issues such as stresses, anxieties, bouts of anger or frustrations, relationship issues at the workplace etc; all of which in turn lead to lower productivity at work.

About the EAP 

InfinumGrowth’s holistic Employee Assistance Program has a combination of services for employees in such a way that, through one or the other service, or a combination of these, the employee gets effective support and arrives at a solution to the problems being faced.

The Team as a Differentiator

The key differentiator in these services is the training and maturity of the entire team, who follow the principles and framework of  the internationally accepted Behaviour theory – Transactional Analysis, developed by the well known Psychiatrist and Author Dr.Eric Berne.

The team is led by Ragini Rao, Psychotherapist & Trainer; Teaching & Supervising Transactional Analyst (TSTA). Please Click here to see her profile.

The team profile can be seen by clicking here.

The Packages

Basic packages are on offer based on the size of the organisation, and include –

  • Counselling & Psychotherapy sessions per month
  • Self Learning Video Programs per month
  • Live Training Sessions per month
  • Coaching & Mentoring sessions per month

We are, however, happy to customise to add or remove features depending on the organisational needs.

In addition to these, we offer Psychological Testing services as per requirements of the individual employee or organisation.

To know more about the package offers, please click to connect with us.