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Building Parenting Attitudes – Consciously; in a Changing World – Free Webinar

Building Parenting Attitudes – Consciously; in a Changing World – Free Webinar

Parenting is a natural skill that every individual brings forth from within, as she/he assumes the role of a parent. However, all of us are conditioned by our life experiences and goals; what our parents/teachers did or taught; what we saw others do; our own successes and failures in life; and therefore our own self image and life goals. All of these inadvertently influence our Parenting Attitudes and Styles.

The external environment is also a huge influencer in this. Social norms have gone through a plethora of changes with time; which in turn, have affected our expectations for and from our children. Today’s environment, for instance, affected hugely with Covid, has had diverse impacts on the Children and the Parents’ minds.

Program Objective

Therefore, being aware and conscious of (a) our Parenting Attitudes and how they evolved; and (b) the current external environment and how it impacts the Child and the Parent; will help us decide what changes we need to bring in our attitudes and style, to ensure the best upbringing of our children.

Nisha Rao, Parenting Coach and Psychotherapist will conduct this free, live session for Parents, to bring focus upon the internal and external factors that influence their Parenting Attitudes and Styles.

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In the course of this 90 minute program, We will discuss the following

Internal Aspects

How do we form our Parenting Attitudes?
What influences us to be the type of Parents we are?
How do we stay in our own power and potency?

External Aspects

Schooling system changes from Offline to Online/Hybrid

Changes in Play time and Activities for all round growth

Changing Life Aspirations

So, if you are feeling confused, worried, stressed or uncertain about the way to handle the daily issues you face with your children’s needs, this may be a good session to attend.

About the Facilitator

Adolescent Counsellor & Parenting Coach

Nisha Rao is an, Educator, Counsellor and Parenting Coach. With over 20 Years experience in people & process management practice, Nisha facilitates workshops on behavioural transformation in • Parenting • Enhancing communication & relationships through Self-Awareness • Personal / professional development for Children & Adults With a unique blend of experiences in corporate Learning & Development, teaching in schools and…

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