Entrepreneurial Mindset – the Dhanda Sense in Biz Managers & Founders

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Entrepreneurial Mindset – the Dhanda Sense in Biz Managers & Founders

What makes a successful Professional Business Manager or Startup Founder/Entrepreneur stand apart from the crowd?

India has been a breeding ground for successful entrepreneurs; and equally so for successful business professionals. Whether it is the Tatas and Ambanis as early starters or the Infosys founders, Azim Premji and Kiran Mazumdar Shaw after them; or the more recent startup successes of the Bansals, Bhavesh Agarwal, Deep Kalra and Phalguni Nayar among others; all are entrepreneurs who showed their exceptional business sense to succeed far better than others.

Likewise there are professional managers such as YC Deveshwar of ITC , Asim Ghosh of Hutch or Aditya Puri of HDFC Bank and many others across the country who showed how to fight adversity and break barriers to build huge businesses and brands.

At a global scale, amongst professionals, people like Sundar Pichai and Satya Nadella made it to the top with their management capabilities. Amongst entrepreneurs, the names of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates come up immediately as those who built businesses at a global scale. Steve Jobs was not a techie but was a genius at product development and business management, while Bill Gates had exemplary tech skills coupled with a brilliant business sense.

While each successful entrepreneur/management professional have their own uniqueness, one common fact is that they all had the Entrepreneurial Mindset.

The Problem to be addressed

The process of converting an idea, product or service into a large scalable and sustainable business is what most people struggle with. In India today, we see a large number of startups coming up everyday; with excellent product ideas. But the success rate is pretty poor. Many SMEs, likewise, never scale up beyond a point; while some are able to make huge breakthroughs.

While the tendency is to blame the lack of adequate resources, the truth is that there are some who manage to take off even in a bootstrapped scenario.

Likewise in Corporates, the tendency to “stick to the knitting” makes managers to stop seeing opportunities as they pass by. Those who can think differently manage to make a mark and grow faster in their careers.

In a rapidly changing business environment, with technological obsolescence always a day away, speed, agility and effectiveness are essential. These and other attributes lie dormant in us, till we build an Entrepreneurial Mindset.

Nischal Kapadia, from the Strategy and Projects Division of Edelweiss, will introduce us to the concept of Dhanda Sense; the business sense that enables people to move from the “also ran” category to being super successful. A key component of the Entrepreneurial Mindset.

Program Objective – Dhanda Sense

Nischal Kapadia, also an Angel Investor and Mentor of Change with Niti Aayog, will facilitate this program on the Entrepreneurial Mindset, where he shares a practical framework that will help you unbundle yourself from your challenges and enable you to scale up your business.

The following key aspects of the Entrepreneurial mindset or Dhanda Sense, will be covered in this session

  •      Dhanda Sense Introduction
  •      Bottom Up vs Top Down Approach
  •      Know the Market, to Play the Market
  •      Focus on Sales and Marketing
  •      Keep Moving; Perfect it on the Go

This two hour program will be introspective in nature, enabling participants to connect their present situations to the concepts being discussed.

This program is the first of a series on Dhanda Sense which Nischal Kapadia will facilitate, covering different aspects of Dhanda Sense in each session.

Here’s a short video from one of the free sessions by Nischal Kapadia on the topic Strategies in turbulent times.

So, if you are keen to take step back and review the way you have been working and what you could do to bring about change, enroll for this program today.

About the Facilitator

Strategy( Edelweiss) / Mentor of Change(Niti Aayog)

He is a IIM-C alumni in addition to being a CS & LLB working with Edelweiss Group. Here he handles Strategy & Projects as part of the CEOs office at Edelweiss Global Asset Management having presence in domestic as well as international geographies like US, UK & APAC. Prior to this he was Head of Business Compliance & Legal. He…

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