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Hello Mr Crocodile – Building Resilience & Positivity amidst Uncertainty

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Hello Mr Crocodile – Building Resilience & Positivity amidst Uncertainty

During periods of prolonged uncertainty and negativity, even as we stay focused on our tasks and duties, the hidden virus of fear combined with our imagination, has a way of working on our minds; pulling us down, bit by bit. It becomes imperative therefore, that we learn and adopt practices that can counter this unsettling feeling deep within.

Traditional Indian wisdom has depicted a crocodile as a metaphor for emotions. To manage our emotions better, we first need to acknowledge them. The ‘Hello Mr. Crocodile’ is a two hours program that provides some simple, effective and time-tested micro-practices to build resilience and positivity, especially amidst this extended period of volatility and uncertainty.

Join Sanjay Chaganti in this very practical and engrossing session in building mental strength.

The Facilitator

Sanjay Rao Chaganti, Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence Coach, has considerable experience across Asia, the US and Africa supporting leadership development and team strengthening.  Sanjay has led this session over 15 times in the last two months for various groups in the US, India, Kenya, Myanmar, Cambodia and Ethiopia. To know more about Sanjay Rao Chaganti, please read his detailed profile at the end of this page. 

Program Objectives

Participants will  understand and manage the mind better, particularly given how it behaves under stressful conditions, introduce four practical and evidence based practices that build resilience and positivity and lead a five minute guided meditation. This guided meditation can be shared with the participants after the session. Participants have enjoyed his ‘keep it simple’ ability to communicate insights and practices in an enjoyable manner.

Here are some testimonials from across countries.


With the many webinars these days, I was a bit skeptical about how this session. At the end of Sanjay’s session on “Hello, Mr. Crocodile” I can say that I was delighted by the response from those who attended it. It did make a difference to everyone with different people resonating with different aspects of this session. The feedback from the team was unanimously very positive. Personally too, i found it extremely enjoyable, useful and most importantly, very practical.

Vishnu Rajendran, Area Manager – Middle East, Cathay Pacific, Dubai

“Sanjay – thanks for a most relevant, practical and insightful session. You have a gift of putting participants at ease and keenly engaged throughout the session. The simplicity of the micro-practices that you introduced makes it easy to incorporate into our daily lives. Universal feedback from the team at CreditMantri was that they would consciously adopt the 5-3-1 framework.”

Ranjit Punja, Co-Founder CreditMantri, Chennai, India

“I really enjoyed the Mr. Crocodile session as it nicely brought together several themes, ideas and practices into a coherent whole or narrative.  I also really appreciate that it focuses on quite “simple” and feasible micro practices  that recognize our busy and hectic lives, but provide some simple structure for taking time to bring relaxation, stability and clarity to life.  Very nice.”

Jim Malster, PSI Cambodia

“The session was especially helpful to face the reality of how COVID-19 is impacting our work environment. Your training was honest in exactly how we are feeling those effects and how to manage them. I also really appreciate that the three daily activities are forward-facing rather than focusing on fears. I’ve been practicing the three activities and will continue.”

Sara Owre, Washington DC

“Your session today was simple, to the point, timely and a life saving exercise to look inward. I’m organizing the same session for other teams at PSI Ethiopia and will be in touch soon.”

Abubaker Assefa, HR and Operations Director​, Ethiopia

Meet the Facilitator

Meet Sanjay Rao Chaganti in this short video, as he introduces his upcoming program.

Also, read this related article by Sanjay Chaganti on Presence of Mind.


About the Facilitator

Happiness Catalyst - Leadership & Life Coach

After over twenty years in international Health and Marketing across the world, Sanjay is today a Leadership and Life Coach and a Trainer on Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness. His mission is to help smart individuals lead more passionate and fulfilling lives by cultivating emotional balance.Sanjay connects with people through customized one-on-one coaching, team workshops, and facilitating/ moderating large group sessions…

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