Mindfulness is key to personal effectiveness

An introduction to Mindfulness – A neuroscience based gamechanger

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An introduction to Mindfulness – A neuroscience based gamechanger

Mindfulness – a word that seems to be gathering a lot of steam and momentum to it. Everyone seems to have a view around it. Some shrug it off terming it as just another fad, while others seem to be swearing by it.

For it or against it, people don’t seem to be getting enough of this term. Everyone around – be they academicians, high flying C-suite executives, sportspersons or students– all seem to be talking about it.

So, what is mindfulness…really?

How does one explain a potent combination of a discipline, which is as old as mankind; and, has deep research based scientific data to back it up?

The Pali language refers to it as Sati, modern science calls it mindfulness: an ability to be fully present in the here and now, without the compulsion to react or get overwhelmed.

Unified Mindfulness

In the words of Shinzen Young, the founder of the Unified Mindfulness technique and the author of the bestselling book – The Science of Enlightenment, “Ultimately, meditation can allow us to have happiness independent of conditions; and that is one heck of an awesome claim.”

Unified Mindfulness is a mindfulness technique, which has the integrated wisdom of all major contemplative practices from around the world. 

Built with rigour and precision, leading institutes like the Carnegie Mellon and the Harvard Medical Centre have tested the efficacies of all the techniques.

Who all can benefit from learning about mindfulness?

Mindfulness can benefit people from all walks of life – right from students who want to develop their ability to concentrate, professionals who want to effectively manage stress and enhance productivity; homemakers who want to cultivate positivity; trainers or coaches who want to add a powerful flavour to their existing work; or therapists when dealing with their clients; mindfulness has something to offer for everyone.

About the program:

Join Sathyanarayan Iyer, Leadership & Mindfulness Coach in this 90 minute workshop, where he will take the participants through a simple framework in Mindfulness. Participants can expect to have the following takeaways from this curtain raiser:

  1. Get to a common platform on an understanding of Mindfulness.
  2. Get access to a signature technique of Unified Mindfulness which they can start implementing immediately.
  3. Have their queries addressed on Mindfulness as a practice.

This program will also serve as an introduction to the complete 8-week journey of learning and imbibing mindfulness.

What do past participants to the 8-week journey of mindfulness have to say?

“While doing the course, I suffered from Covid 19 and fortunately due to the techniques I learned in this course helped me a lot through this difficult period. It helped me focus on good thoughts and staying positive throughout” – Shweta Kamat, Architect, Mumbai

“Scientific tools of mindfulness make it easily accessible and doable” – Shreya PS, HR executive, Australia

“This journey has helped me manage my emotions in a better way. I can already see the way I am handling my relationships in a much better way.” – Amolika, Montessarian, Mumbai

“This journey has given me an idea about self awareness on how my body reacts when I am angry, when I am upset, when I am happy. This self awareness is changing my ways of response to the emotions.

To cite an example, when I am stressed I can practice the techniques taught on feel good, feel rest to reduce my stress and focus on solutions rather than the problems creating the stress.”– N. Lakshmi Dhevi, Molecular Geneticist , Chennai

“Sleeping patterns improved, walking patterns improved and overall emotional well being set in for met through mindfulness. I have begun to see life itself as a joyous journey and living in each moment”.  – K. Katrak, Sr. Consultant Trainer, Mumbai

“I can calm myself at the time of stress or outburst. I can concentrate and make myself calm especially while taking any decision professionally. Personally am getting good sleep. Satya helped me dive deep into this wellness journey of 8 weeks in a smooth and soothing way.”– S. V. Raghavan, Banker, Surat

“The connect with myself is the most prominent impact that I see. I have a wider, deeper and higher understanding of myself. The emotional stability seems to have been there, but the tools in hand are so tangible that it all feels more doable. Nothing seems overwhelming. Satya’s own journey and practice of UM is evident in all his teachings and answers.”Neelum Sawaikar, Marketing & Content Consultant, Malaysia  

Meet the Facilitator 

Sathyanarayan Iyer is a leadership & Certified Level 2 Mindfulness coach based at Mumbai. He currently works with leaders empowering them on their journey towards being more effective in their approach with their teams.  To know more about him, please visit his profile given at the bottom of this page.

About the Facilitator

Leadership & Mindfulness Coach

Sathyanarayan Iyer is a Leadership & Mindfulness coach based at Mumbai. He currently works with leaders empowering them on their journey towards being more effective in their approach with their teams. With a total work experience spanning over 21 years he has worked with leading brands like ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Co. Ltd., HDFC Bank, Lodha Group and others in…

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