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Meeting and Exceeding Customer Expectations – Online Workshop

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Meeting and Exceeding Customer Expectations  – Online Workshop

How do we build  a Strong Customer Base for our Business ? How do we Retain our Customers? How do we keep our  Customers Happy with our products & services ? How do we stay Engaged with our Customers ?

As the new year 2021 begins, these are some of the questions that intrigue every Corporate, SME, Startup or Self Employed Professional, who hope to get back their growth this year.

Businesses can grow, as long as they Satisfy & Delight their Customers.

As businesses start a new journey, post the Covid 19 pandemic, there is a critical need to review the business strategy and align it to present day Customer Needs and Expectations.

Abir Mozoomdar, Business Strategy Consultant & Trainer from The Idea Factory, is a Business Strategy professional with strong experience across multiple brands.

Abir will  conduct a 2 hour  workshop  on Sun, Feb 21 @ 4-6 pm, where he will take participants through the key aspects to be focussed upon while defining Customer Expectations.

Program Objectives

This workshop will look at the following

  • Pre Sales Expectations
    • Understanding Customer Needs
    • Defining the Value Proposition
    • Ensuring swift Sales & Delivery
  • Post Sales Expectations
    • Avoiding Post Purchase Dissonance
    • Handling Product Familiarisation
    • Managing  the Satisfaction-Delight-Ecstasy-Loyalty journey

In this Interactive Workshop, participants will get to focus upon some key principles for Managing and Exceeding Customer Expectations. Abir will share some interesting anecdotes and examples while also getting participants to work on their own particular business issues. 

About the Facilitator 

Abir Mozoomdar is a Business Strategy Consultant and Trainer; and Founder of The Idea Factory. He has a rich Corporate experience of 15 years working as a strategy planning professional with established MNC’s. He is the author of the book Thought Leadership in india.

To know more about him, please read his profile given at the end of this page.



About the Facilitator

Strategy Consultant ; Trainer & Thought Leader

Abir Mozoomdar is a Strategy Consultant and Trainer. He has a rich Corporate experience of 15 yrs as a Strategy Planning Professional in reputed MNC’s like E&Y, Volvo India, Bharti Airtel & Tata Teleservices, before starting on his own. Today, as a Self Employed Professional, Abir is a Trainer/Consultant & a Business Author, as well. Abir has ventured into entrepreneurship…

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