Mindfulness is key to personal effectiveness

Learning Mindfulness techniques – Unified Mindfulness Approach

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Learning Mindfulness techniques – Unified Mindfulness Approach
Ultimately, meditation can allow us to have happiness independent of conditions and that is one heck of an awesome claim.
Shinzen Young (Founder of Unified Mindfulness)

Welcome to this 8 week journey into learning the techniques of being Mindful, based on the internationally acclaimed system of Unified Mindfulness; an approach which has its roots in neuroscience.

Program Objective:

This program on Mindfulness Techniques  is useful for people from every walk of life – working professionals, counsellors, therapists, students, homemakers or even someone who is retired.

Mindfulness as a concept is all about being in the present moment. Under the Unified mindfulness approach, a system which is used by leading institutions like Harvard and Carnegie Mellon for their research on meditation,  it boils down to three attentional skills which can be learnt for rewiring the brain for happiness.

These are – Concentration Power, Sensory Clarity and Equanimity.

Created with over 50 years of research and testing by Shinzen Young, the unified mindfulness approach is built with a rigorous precision around concepts and procedures.

Sathyanarayan Iyer, Leadership and Mindfulness Coach takes us through a comprehensive online workshop on developing Mindfulness, using the Unified Mindfulness techniques.

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8 week Mindfulness Journey – The benefits

  • 8 online sessions of 90 minutes each
  • 5 key techniques and 3 powerful strategies
  • Weekly Handout

About the Facilitator 

Sathyanarayan Iyer is a leadership & Mindfulness coach based at Mumbai. He currently work with leaders empowering them on their journey towards being more effective in their approach with their teams.  To know more about him, please visit his profile  given at the bottom of this page.

Read this article by Sathyanarayan Iyer titled Your Attention creates your Reality, which explains the subject and also shares some testimonials.

Watch the film below where the Facilitator  explains what to expect from this program.



About the Facilitator

Leadership & Mindfulness Coach

Sathyanarayan Iyer is a Leadership & Mindfulness coach based at Mumbai. He currently works with leaders empowering them on their journey towards being more effective in their approach with their teams. With a total work experience spanning over 21 years he has worked with leading brands like ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Co. Ltd., HDFC Bank, Lodha Group and others in…

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