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New Age PR – As explained by a PR professional; Online Workshop

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New Age PR – As explained by a PR professional; Online Workshop
Public Relations (PR) is a critical and essential arm of Marketing. Brands are built not just through advertisements, but also through social connect that the brands and personalities associated with them develop, through PR efforts.
Learning how to do PR can thus help in Marketing products  and services effectively.
In the Digital Age, with the advent of social media, PR has acquired a completely new meaning.
While earlier, it was an activity handled by specialised agencies, essentially for large businesses or other well funded entities(celebrities), today individuals are becoming “influencers”; building market connect for themselves and others.
With this change, even small businesses and self employed individuals now have an opportunity to build their PR game plans.

Program Objective

Here’s an opportunity to learn, from an experienced PR & Marketing professional, the different aspects of PR and use them in your work; be it as a Self Employed professional, a Startup or a SME/MSME.Or even as a student of Mass Media wanting to step into the PR world!
This workshop will entail an exposure into the world of PR from two sides – as the client and as the PR agency.
Join Shalini Gupta in this 4 hour workshop on 31st Oct, 2020,  where she takes you through a comprehensive program on Public Relations Management.
Session 1 11am to 1.00 pm
  1. Role of PR and understanding of PR landscape 
  2. How to reach target audience 
  3. Organise your Network
  4. Create your content 
  5. Case studies
  6. A short quiz to gauge the understanding
Session 2 – 1.30 pm to 3.30 pm
  1. New Age PR – with social / digital context 
  2. Crisis Management – online and offline 
  3. Typical PR Plan & Cost optimisation 
  4. Case studies
  5. A short quiz to gauge the understanding 

The Facilitator 

A PR Professional turned Marketer, Shalini Gupta has led Innovative Product & Service launches with PR & Brand Building at Bharti Airtel Limited, Reliance Broadcast Limited (BIG FM & BIG Magic), Grey Worldwide, Lokmat Media & lastly with  INOX LEISURE as Vice President – Brand & Communication.

Brands managed by Shalini have  won awards at  Cannes, Emvies, Golden Mikes, OOH Award, Foxglove, Olive Green and at ACEF, for social and cultural initiatives; with brands such  as  Rin, Mumbai Indians, Global Citizen Festival and others. To know more  about her, read her profile at the  bottom of this page.


About the Facilitator

PR & Brand Professional

A marketing and brand evangelist with an experience of 2 decades, Shalini Gupta is a prolific marketer having worked in organisations such as Bharti Airtel Limited, Reliance Broadcast Limited, Grey Worldwide, Lokmat Media & INOX LEISURE. A Xaverian from Kolkata, she has worked across diverse sectors such as Telecom, TV, FMCG, Print and Entertainment; impacting businesses with her innovative ideas…

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