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Pillars of Parenting: (4) Offering Support – listening & Questioning

Pillars of Parenting: (4) Offering Support – listening & Questioning

Welcome to the fourth and final  online session of the workshop series, Pillars of Parenting.

Many of us grapple to find solutions to day-to-day problems or deeper challenges while parenting our children. Often, this is because we have not addressed the basics!

This Online Workshop Series  goes right into the heart of the matter – to understand the 4 foundational pillars essential to Parenting:

  1.  Building Trust
  2.  Staying Positive
  3.  Being Interested
  4.  Offering Support

Through an experiential and immersive process, Parents will learn how to establish a strong and mindful relationship with their child(ren) and their environments.

Each pillar is being introduced through a separate session; one per month. The first two sessions  – Building Trust and Staying Positive, were conducted in Aug and Sept 2020 respectively. Pillars of Parenting series will be offered regularly through these 4 independent but consecutive sessions. If you have missed the first two, don’t worry. They will be conducted once again, very soon.

Now, Introducing Part 4  of this series – Offering Support through listening & Questioning
This session focusses on 2 critical skills essential to parenting. They are listening deeply and questioning with care.

Program Objective

Very often, parents find that we may not be fully present to our child(ren)! We may be distracted, pre-occupied, stressed with other factors or plain disinterested!

This leaves us dismissing the child prematurely or answering half-heartedly; or even yelling for the child to stop/go away! What then happens to the parent-child relationship? Join us to understand these attitudes and make changes within. Truly enjoy the beautiful relationship with your child through Trust, Positivity & INTEREST.

Join Nisha Rao in this 3 hour experiential workshop. It will help parents hone these skills
It covers the following aspects –
1.What does listening deeply mean & include ?
2.How do we learn to use Questioning to understand our child better ?
3.How does one do  these ?

Previous Workshops Feedback

Part 1  and Part 2 of this series, “Building Trust”  and “Staying Positive”, were conducted on 16th August and 13th Sept, 2020 respectively. Here’s the feedback from these sessions.

“I  found the experience enriching. The BRAVING model and other parenting experiences were very insightful.”  Caroline Gauri Bosco

“The workshop was informative, well paced and encouraged participants to think through, reflect and participate.”  – Simran Kahlon

“I think these workshops help us understand the child and ourselves better, and come up with ideas to deal with our challenges which suit us best. It’s great learning from Nisha and the other parents who provide valuable insight into their experiences which also greatly help’  Nikhila Esha

Meet the Facilitator

Nisha Rao is a life coach, Psychotherapist and Educator. She does workshops for young Adults, Kids &  Parents with focus on Communication and Building Relationships in both Personal and Professional life.   Read more about Nisha in the detailed profile given at the end of this page.

Nisha Rao explains her series of Online Workshops on Pillars of Parenting in this short video.




About the Facilitator

Adolescent Counsellor & Parenting Coach

Nisha Rao is an, Educator, Counsellor and Parenting Coach. With over 20 Years experience in people & process management practice, Nisha facilitates workshops on behavioural transformation in • Parenting • Enhancing communication & relationships through Self-Awareness • Personal / professional development for Children & Adults With a unique blend of experiences in corporate Learning & Development, teaching in schools and…

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