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Pillars of Parenting: (1) Building Trust – In Self, Children & Others

Pillars of Parenting: (1) Building Trust – In Self, Children & Others

Pillars of Parenting is a 4 part workshop series, specially designed for parents of today; starting on 16th August, with one session per month till November 15th, 2020. Each session will  focus on one core pillar of Parenting.

Many of us grapple to find solutions to day-to-day problems or deeper challenges while parenting our children. Often, this is because we have not addressed the basics!

This series goes right into the heart of the matter – to understand the 4 foundational pillars essential to Parenting:

  1.  Building Trust
  2.  Staying Positive
  3.  Being Interested
  4.  Offering Support

Through an experiential and immersive process, Parents will learn how to establish a strong and mindful relationship with their child(ren) and their environments.

Program Objective 

Building Trust – In Self, Children, Others, is the first workshop of this series, Pillars of Parenting. 

Join Nisha Rao, Life Coach & Psychotherapist, in this 3 hour  workshop, that will help parents analyse what Trust means and how to work on building it; in themselves, their children and with others. This will be delivered through interactive group activities and introspective exercises covering the following aspects

  1.  What is Trust, actually?
  2.  Trusting whom and why?
  3.  How does one trust?
  4.  What should one do to build trust?
  5. How does one do it?

The Facilitator

Nisha Rao is a life coach, Psychotherapist and Educator. She does workshops for young adults, kids &  Parents with focus on communication and building relationships in both personal and Professional life.   Read more about Nisha in the detailed profile given at the end of this page.

Special Offer

Couples can avail a special discount of Rs.500. So, a couple will pay Rs.1500 +GST instead of Rs.2000+GST. Please write to us at to avail this discount.

In addition to the 3 hour live session, the participants get free access to Nisha Rao’s Online Learning Video program called “My Parenting Style and What influences it” available on this platform. Click the link below to know more about this learning video program.

360 Degree Parenting ; My Parenting Style & What Influences it

About the Facilitator

Adolescent Counsellor & Parenting Coach

Nisha Rao is an, Educator, Counsellor and Parenting Coach. With over 20 Years experience in people & process management practice, Nisha facilitates workshops on behavioural transformation in • Parenting • Enhancing communication & relationships through Self-Awareness • Personal / professional development for Children & Adults With a unique blend of experiences in corporate Learning & Development, teaching in schools and…

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