Mindfulness is key to personal effectiveness

The Sevenfold Path to Success – Chakras as a way to Enhance one’s Potential

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The Sevenfold Path to Success – Chakras as a way to Enhance one’s Potential

Let 2020 be the year to chart a new map for your life;  one free of past baggage, doubts, fears and confusion. One where your inner strength and sense of conviction come to the fore.

It’s time to lay a new intent; time to revive those forgotten dreams, that you gave up on or put on the back burner… Or, to create new dreams, new goals, and a new path free of obstacles.

You may think that there’s little in your control, because of the external environment, but think again! That one dream or desire that you manifest can, in fact, be realised just by looking within, and tapping into those great energy reserves within you.

What are Chakras?

According to yogic philosophy, seven spinning wheel-like energy centers located in our body, called Chakras hold our essential life force or prana… When activated, these seven Chakras give energy, vitality, strength and force to all our thoughts and actions.

Moreover they tap into those many limiting thoughts, patterns of behaviours or disempowering emotions that could be holding you back from achieving your optimum potential.

The Chakras connect the mind, body and spirit giving one a sense of wholeness and union within. And, this sense of oneness makes you move faster toward your goals and dreams.

So, what are you waiting for?!! Come benefit from this 7-coloured lens that will help you look at your life goals anew; and gain greater personal growth and mastery.

When the world opens up to the new normal, you will be racing ahead with a multi-coloured perspective!

About the Workshop

Join our facilitators Ritika Bajaj and Divya Bajaj in a 3-day workshop that provides an in-depth account of each Chakra and its influence on your daily life and goals.

Interactive activities, visual stimuli and soothing meditations ensure you journey into your inner being with ease and calm…

Exploring those colours within and experiencing the presence of each Chakra, in practical terms, makes the workshop relevant to everyone committed to the path of Self-Improvement.


Divya Bajaj is a Reiki master, tarot reader, crystal therapist, Akashic reader and auto-writing expert who has helped transform many of her clients’ lives.

Ritika Bajaj is a writer-editor, content consultant, certified yoga teacher and spiritual enthusiast whose blogs and articles on life, expression, entrepreneurship and spirituality have gained a wide following across online and offline platforms.

Read more about both facilitators in the profiles shared at the end of this page.

About the Facilitator

Self Improvement Coach

Divya Bajaj is a Reiki master, tarot reader, crystal therapist, Akashic reader and autowriting expert who has helped transform many of her client’s lives. Over the last decade, she has undertaken various international courses in medium channeling and facilitating energy healing. She is also a reconnective healer, a Bach flower therapist, and angel communicator. Additionally, she is a seeker of…

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Creative Expression Expert

Ritika Bajaj is a writer-editor-blogger and content consultant. She helps individuals, startups and companies create digital and print content that accurately and soulfully reflect their brand ethos. Since the past 18 years, Ritika has written on varied themes like - lifestyle, wellness, spirituality, business, culture, entrepreneurship, productivity and people profiles. She believes strongly in the power of expression, and through…

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