Startups :Going from 0 to 1 – Mental Models, Behaviours & Hacks

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Startups :Going from 0 to 1 – Mental Models, Behaviours & Hacks

Welcome to this intro session on – How to go from  Zero to One in your startup – Mental Models, Behaviours and Hacks!

The one hour session will cover the core issues early stage startups face

  • How do we get started ?
  • How to get customers?
  • How to recruit a team?
  • What sales models to follow?
  • How to raise money?

Serial Entrepreneur and Host of the Top 25 Entrepreneurship Podcast – Maharajas of Scale, Krishna Jonnakadla has built startups and businesses many times over in India and abroad. His most successful startup to date is Mango Mobile TV, a streaming media/OTT Platform.

In this session, Krishna is going to pull back the curtain to reveal some of the tools and tactics that successful startups use; to disrupt, scale and succeed. 

He backs it with his own personal experience, of having built 5 startups; and, the 6th one that he is building now; and from his unique experience of talking to successful entrepreneurs on his regular podcasts.

Bonus Session

As an incentive for attending this session, Krishna will do a Bonus In-Depth Session on Mental Models, a key aspect that is a part of his forthcoming online workshop on the same topic; a paid program, in association with InfinumGrowth.(to be announced soon)

So come join Krishna Jonnakadla on 10th April, 2021. Sign up now, on this page!

About the Facilitator

Founder, MOS & Serial Entrepreneur

Krishna is a serial entrepreneur who has founded 5 ventures in the past, of which Mango Mobile TV became hugely successful. He founded Maharajas of Scale, a podcast, where founders talk about their first hand experience at buulding and scaling things. He is also the co-founder of Vouch. Vouch guarantees payments and helps buyers and sellers build trust fast!

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