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Stories That Move – A StoryTelling Workshop

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“Great Stories happen to those who can tell them.” – Ira Glass.

We tell stories all the time –

  • To influence someone
  • To support us in the project we are launching
  • To advise a team member on how he/she might improve
  • To inspire a group that is facing challenges
  • Or, to simply connect with someone!

A good story can enhance, alter and transform how we see the world around us.

Storytelling is an essential skill…

but What makes for compelling story ?

And how can you improve your ability to tell stories that persuade people around you.

Stories That Move Workshop

We are excited to offer a hands-on 2 day (3.5 hours session each day) Story Telling Workshop by Atul Jog, which can help you get started as a powerful storyteller.

Atul: Our Master Storyteller

Atul grew up listening to stories told by his father, who himself was an inspiring storyteller and began regaling his family and friends with unusual tales and anecdotes, as early as he can remember.

This seamlessly percolated in different roles in his life : whether it was in using inspiration to lead teams through challenging targets as the Head of Housing loans in the largest private sector bank in the country, OR it was convincing the members in his housing society to resolve their differences, amicably.

In the last 2 decades as a leading Facilitator, Coach and Director of a Leadership training organisation, Atul has shared this passion of creating powerful narratives with CXO’s, senior managers and high potential leaders in different organisations across the world.

Stories that Move is an effort to share Atul’s vision of creating a new world by helping people with new narratives in life.


About the Facilitator

Founder, Life Learning Solutions

PERSONAL FOCUS & EXPERTISE: Atul Jog is a Leadership and Transformation Coach, working at the CXO, senior and high potential manager levels across various sectors. He sees every interaction as an opportunity to create transformation. “In my experience, the way the problem gets defined, creates the hurdles or access, in reaching a sustainable solution. If one excludes oneself from the…

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