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TA 101 Online Workshop in Transactional Analysis; 11th -15th Sept

TA 101 Online Workshop in Transactional Analysis; 11th -15th Sept

TA-101 is the introductory program in Transactional Analysis, the internationally popular and time-tested theory on human behaviour, developed and explained by Dr. Eric Berne. 

Program Objective 

This 4  half days workshop is extremely useful for anyone working with people –as  Human Resource personnel or Managers of  teams; as Educators or Counsellors ; or even while dealing with people in personal life, be it parents, spouse, siblings, children or friends.

The theory of Transactional Analysis helps in understanding oneself and identifying changes that one could make in one’s thinking, feeling and behaviour. This, in turn, improves communication with others and people management skills. It thus works to build self awareness, self esteem and relationships in personal life and at work.

TA 101 program participants are awarded certificates by the International Transactional Analysis Association (ITAA).

Participant Feedback from Previous Workshops

It was a very interactive and well conducted 2 day workshop. I was wondering how would this happen online and how engaging it would be, but I must say Ragini was so patient and ensured all of us were engaged throughout. A must do for anyone wanting to self discover. This has given me a nudge to push myself to discover myself a little more …. Akhilesh

Really enjoyed attending this workshop. Beautifully curated and conducted by Ragini. Even though it was an online session, it was quite engaging and we group members also interacted and shared a lot. Would highly recommend this workshop!…Manasi

The content was absolutely interesting and Trilling and it was amazing learning from Ragini ma’am. The class and content was an absolute delight. And I’ve become even more interested in Transactional Analysis. Can’t wait to learn more!  …. Mrittika

Content Summary

The 4 half days workshop covers a wide range of concepts which enable the individual to understand different dimensions their personality. The aspects covered include

  • Ego States
  • Transactions
  • Strokes
  • Life Script
  • Psychological Games

These concepts are covered through a combination of theory, interactive discussions, group and individual exercises and role plays.

Philosophy of Transactional Analysis

  • All of us are born OK
  • Everyone has the capacity to think
  • We have decided our life stories and we can change these decisions

About the Facilitator

Psychotherapist & Trainer; TSTA(P)

Ragini Rao is a Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst (TSTA). She trains and supervises advanced training groups in Transactional Analysis to become Psychotherapists, Coaches and Trainers. She offers Life Coaching to individual clients and Supervision to Counsellors and Psychotherapists to help them work with their clients. With over 5000 hours of one-on-one and group counselling and therapy, over a span…

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