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Unlock 1.0 – Unlock your potential to become a freelancer – A Free Webinar

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Unlock 1.0 – Unlock your potential to become a freelancer – A Free Webinar

Times are changing…rapidly. New normals are being visualised.

The old normal for working professionals was about stable jobs, promotions or job changes for growth. The current scenario is one of uncertainty. The new normal may be one of learning to be self reliant; not taking anything for granted; and, for many, self employment as the way forward.

Harsh Kumar Johari, Executive and Leadership Coach, has personally experienced a shift in career from being a corporate employee to becoming self employed.

Harsh takes us through a Webinar on managing this shift to the new normal.

Program Objective

A lot of you might be considering a freelancing career, especially in these times.

It might be something you always wanted to do, but did not know how to go about it; Or it might be something you need to start doing because of the current job situation.

You could also be thinking of having a secondary source of income along with a regular job.

Whatever the reason, this is a great time to start putting your thoughts together, prepare a plan and put that plan into action.

A freelancing career as a consultant provides you a lifestyle with greater degree of flexibility and freedom.

What you can achieve with the Webinar

  • Understand the WHY of freelancing.
  • A framework to figure out what you can do as a freelancer/consultant.
  • A step by step process to understand your target customers.
  • How to leverage your network to generate your first client.

About the Facilitator

Leadership & Executive Coach

Harsh Johari is an Executive and Leadership Coach. He is passionate about training and coaching people and helping them achieve their dreams and reach their true potential. Prior to becoming a Coach, Harsh had about 25 years of diverse professional experience in across shipping and financial services industries. He is a certified Intelligent Leadership (IL) Coach, trained directly by John…

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