Not Everyone is a born Leader

Whole Brain Thinking as a Powerful Skill; A Free, introductory Webinar

Program Objective 

Whole Brain Thinking is a powerful skill that applies to so many of the things you do professionally and personally; like the way you communicate, make decisions, deal with people, plan your work and how you handle every aspect of your performance. 

And it’s possible for all of us, since we all have the capability, to think in each of the four quadrants of the brain. 

This 45-minute free session, followed by a 15 min Q&A session, will give you a flavour of using the full power of your brain.

It is an introduction to the main program, a 4 hour online workshop titled  “Whole Brain Thinking – Dynamics of Decision Making”, scheduled for 30th May, 2020 on this platform.

Why good decision making helps?

People make decisions all throughout their day, most of which are straightforward and don’t require much thought. However, when situations are more complicated and have longer term impacts, it’s easy to feel unsure or hesitant.

When faced with a tough decision it’s common to feel:

  • Overwhelmed
  • Stressed or anxious
  • Wound up
  • Pressured
  • Confused
  • Distracted
  • Tired

 Indecision can have a negative impact on how you’re feeling; it’s therefore important to learn strategies for making positive decisions in tough situations. While you may not be able to guarantee the outcome of a decision before you make it, at least you can know you put a lot of careful thought into it.

This program is extremely useful for anyone who takes decisions, be they in professional or personal life. Your life is the sum total of all decisions you have taken. Make sure you take the right decisions!

About the Facilitator

Founder, Knowledge Wizards

Rakesh Kumar Singh is an extremely successful coach and trainer. His warm, empathetic nature accompanied with a deep understanding of human behaviour has helped him to excel in coaching assignments. His passionate training style and application of knowledge to sessions makes each session an unforgettable event. He has an experience of 20+ years in multiple industries at senior and leadership…

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