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My Parenting Personality & Interactions – 360 Degree Parenting

Welcome to the second part of Module 1 of 360 Degree Parenting!

This Segment is titled-  My Parenting Personality & Interactions

Parenting Attitude :   What makes me ME!

The first segment of the Module 1 looked at the Parenting Style.

In this second segment, we will look at Parenting Personality in the following two ways.

1. Who I am owing to my Past

2. How do I interact with Others

On enrolling for this module, you will be able to enter Sessions 1.1 and 1.2 shown below.

After  completing  this  module, please do submit your feedback.

On completing both segments of Module 1,  you will be invited to a free live session with Nisha Rao, the facilitator.

360 Degree Parenting 

Join Nisha Rao, Educator, Life Coach and Therapist, in discovering the art and science of being an aware, happy parent! Read more about Nisha Rao in the About the Trainer section at the end of this page.

In our series of programs under the banner 360 Degree Parenting,  we will look back to how we (the parents) were raised, the culture we grew up in and past influences which resulted in who we are today. We use that learning to understand factors within ourselves that impact our parenting beliefs and approaches. 

We also look deep within ourselves as individuals, to identify our own strengths and areas to challenge. Being a parent, above all else, is being a role model!

What  do we do and how, in order to be our child’s hero?

Program Objective: 

This series is divided into four modules.  All the modules have the following objectives.

To teach & demonstrate –

1. Effective Parenting using
 Self-Awareness techniques (Attitude).

2. Simple and Powerful tools to interact with kids and others (Skills).  

3. Scientific Child Development theories (Knowledge).

The 360 Degree Parenting program’s 4 Modules are explained in the below chart



Learning Video Content

(1 Module(s) |2 Session(s) | 1 hour(s) )
  • Module 1
    • Session1.1
    • Session1.2

About the trainer

Certified Transactional Analyst in Education(CTA)

Nisha Rao is an Educator, Counsellor and Life Coach. She is a Certified Transactional Analyst in Education (CTA), from the International Transactional Analysis Association (ITAA). With a unique blend of experiences as a corporate L&D professional, Counsellor and Coach, Nisha brings over 20 Years of experience in learning & self-development practices, designing and facilitating transformational experiences for young adults, parents,…

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Program features


  • This program is now priced at Rs 490 including tax
  • This package includes a 2 hour follow up live group session as explained below.

How to Enroll:

  • First time visitors, please click on the "create an account" tab at the top of any page and create your log in id and password.
  • Next, click on the "Enroll Now" tab to enroll for the program.
  • If you are an Existing User, directly click on the "Enroll Now" button. Key in your Login ID or Email and the Password to enroll.


  • This segment will take minimum 1 hour to complete, including the time taken to watch each video and to do the introspective exercises.


  • This segment of the program comprises of 2 sessions of learning videos which are accompanied by 3  introspective exercises to be completed by the participant.


  • The exercises are available in the session page, below the video . Please download each exercise and work on it as and when directed by the Facilitator  in the session.
  • Please give enough time  to do each exercises, so that there is sufficient introspection done. This will help in understanding each session's content and internalising the key takeaways.

Live, Online, Follow up Session for clarifications

  • This program comes with the added benefit of a 2 hour live group session conducted online by Nisha Rao  every month
  • All participants will receive invites for this session after completing this segment.


  • On completion of  the 2 video sessions and all exercises, please do submit your feedback; including, any particular aspect you would like to know more about in the live, interactive session.
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