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The Art of Public Speaking – Building Confidence & Awareness

Public Speaking  is an art, a skill like any other. But arguably one of the most important soft-skills. It is not a friendly banter, or a speech prepared well in advance.

Many of us are introverts and tend to stay away from speaking in front of large crowds or groups.Public Speaking is when you share your thoughts effectively with people, who could be mere acquaintances or even strangers. A means to increase self confidence and also boost, encourage and inspire others.An art nurtured to communicate efficiently with a group of individuals.

It is a basic skill every professional or aspiring professional needs to build, in order to feel confident in dealing with groups of people in organisations, institutions or with public at large.

Vaneja Mani , Soft Skills Coach and Facilitator takes you through some essential tips that could be useful for individuals who want to improve their skills as a Public Speaker in this short Learning Video Program.

To know more about Vaneja Mani, please check out her profile at the end of this page.

Program Objective

In this introductory program, Vaneja Mani takes us through two aspects –

  1. Why we need to build Public Speaking capability, and
  2. The 7 Elements of Public Speaking

She takes us through  7 key elements of Public Speaking , explaining why each one needs to be focussed upon; and the important aspects in each of these which we need to be alert about.

So, if you feel you tend to back off when in a group and aren’t able to make your point effectively,  start bringing about a change in the way you communicate. An understanding of the 7 elements of Public Speaking will bring about the necessary confidence.

Learning Video Content

(2 Session(s) | 12 minute(s) )
  • Public Speaking
    • Session1.1
    • Session1.2

About the trainer

Soft Skills Coach & Facilitator

Vaneja is a Freelance Counsellor / Trainer / Guide / Mentor Law of Attraction, ID and Content, POSH, Drama facilitation Facilitator for Change / Learning / Development Strong communicator with interpersonal skills Mission Instil self-learning; motivate to achieve; coach for effective communication. Core Competencies Communication and Presentation Organizing and planning Empathy, patience and perseverance Creativity Team management Fields of Work…

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Program features


  • The Price given above includes GST
  • This package includes a 45 minute follow up live session as explained below.

How to Enroll:

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This program  will take a total of 15 minutes  to complete, including the time taken to do watch the short video link given in the description of the second session.


This segment of the program comprises of 2 sessions of learning videos which need to be completed by the participant.

Live, Online, Follow up Session for clarifications

  • This program comes with the added benefit of a 45 minute live group session conducted online by Vaneja Mani.


  • On completion of  the 2 video sessions and the exercise, please do submit your feedback; including, any particular aspect you would like to know more about in the live, interactive session.