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Infinum Evenings : Freedom to Choose – For all Genders An interactive Session.

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Infinum Evenings : Freedom to Choose – For all Genders An interactive Session.

The 21st century has brought with it a surge of development  – scientific and technological; and rapid progress in terms of education, global outlook, new skills and techniques, nature of work, income levels, opportunities and quality of life.

Despite such exciting developments and opportunities, the question that comes up very often is –

Do all genders  have the same kind of freedom, to make choices about their lives and future? 

In the upcoming Infinum Evenings session, our topic of discussion therefore is – 

Freedom to Choose – for all Genders 

On Sunday, 26th March, 2023;  4:00pm to 5:30pm, India time.

Join Our Host –

Ragini Rao – Psychotherapist & Trainer; Teaching & Supervising Transactional Analyst (TSTA) 



Jennifer Moses – Counselling Psychologist & Psychotherapist.

Together, we will explore.


About Infinum Evenings

Infinum Evenings is an online community –  to belong, dialogue and grow with.  A once a month event to meet up with a curious group with whom one can talk, share and learn.

It is  –  

  • A safe space to think, express, question, learn and together explore different aspects of Emotional Wellbeing.
  • A chance to get away from the rush and focus on someone for whom we often don’t have time – Ourselves.
  • A time to sit in a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere; over a cup of tea or coffee; at a spot we love – indoors or outside !

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Together let’s share, listen, ruminate and transform.

About the Facilitator

Transactional Analyst, TSTA; Heal your Life Workshop Leader

Ragini Rao is a Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst (TSTA). She trains and supervises advanced training groups in Transactional Analysis to become Psychotherapists, Coaches and Trainers. She provides Supervision to Counsellors & Psychotherapists in their work with clients. Ragini takes on individual clients for Life Coaching and Psychotherapy sessions. With over 5000 hours of one-on-one and group counselling and therapy,…

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Counselling Psychologist & Therapist

Jennifer Moses is a Counselling Psychologist and Psychotherapist. She has a Masters in Psychology (Counselling), a Diploma in Transactional Analysis and is trained to counsel children, teenagers, couples and families. Her core counselling approach is based on Transactional Analysis, an integrative (cognitive, relational, phenomenological, humanistic), and systematic psychotherapy framework, with a focus on holistic change and personal growth. She has…

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