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Personal Development is a continuous, 360 degree process. Every aspect of one's behaviour, knowledge and understanding needs continuous update. Learning Videos at InfinumGrowth provide an opportunity to improve a wide range of capabilities, in personal life and at work; at one's own time and pace.

Each video program has a set of well designed learning modules designed and facilitated by experienced professionals, who share their own personal learning and experience to enrich the content.

On completing a program, write to us at, for a free, live, interactive session with the facilitator to clarify answers to questions that may arise.

Atul Jog
Founder, Life Learning Solutions

PERSONAL FOCUS & EXPERTISE: Atul Jog is a Leadership and Transformation Coach, working at the CXO, senior and high potential manager levels across various sectors. He sees every interaction as an opportunity to create transformation. “In my experience, the way the problem gets defined, creates the hurdles or access, in reaching a sustainable solution. If one excludes oneself from the equation, the problem becomes insurmountable. My intervention helps my clients to build awareness about their contribution in the problem and in taking ownership.

“Non Violent Communication and Mindfulness have engaged me personally and have influenced my work substantially.”

Atul Jog is a Graduate Coach from Newfield Network, USA (NCC) and certified as a PCC from ICF (USA). He is on the global panel of McKinsey’s team of transformational facilitators.

Atul is a Graduate in Mathematics and MBA from the University of Mumbai and has over 30 years experience including over a decade in the corporate world, before launching into Executive Coaching.

His earlier career was in the housing finance industry, having worked with HDFC and ICICI Home Finance.

His last assignment was working as the Head of the Mortgage business, involving responsibility of the Mortgage Balance Sheet for ICICI bank, one of the largest Private Sector banks in India.

• McKinsey Certification for Facilitation
• Graduate: Newfield Ontological Coaching from Newfield Network LLC, USA, and PCC from ICF (USA)
• The Leadership Circle Assessment
• Hogan's Assessment
• MBTI Qualified Practitioner Step I & II – APT – USA
• DISC Certification
• Barrett Values Assessment Certification
• Accredited Training professional by SMR Malaysia

• Mindfulness Meditation Training from Vipassana International
• Business Coach Training from Leadership University, USA
• Nonviolent Communication Leadership Training
• Ontological Leadership Training with Werner Erhard, Michael Jensen
• Hanna Somatics: Foundational training

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