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Vasutti, meaning Enrichment in Sanskrit, is a Boutique Consultancy firm of Experts with Diverse and Cumulative Leadership Prowess of greater than 180 years in the Service Sector, which brings to you a comprehensive program on Work From Home. The company partners with & Guide our Clients to re-imagine their Service strategy, differentiate their offerings, deliver Operational Excellence & thereby enhance their Growth and Profitability. Using Customer in-sighting and data, it enables Change Management, Business Transformation, and Digitization. The company’s vision is to partner with Customers to bring in Growth, Profitability & to Turnaround their Business through Operational Excellence.

Vasutti offers Business Expertise in the following spheres of operation:

• Customer Experience

• Business Process Re-engineering

• Business Analytics

• Capability Building

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Dinesh Narayanan
Anindita Lakhani

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