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Revisiting Business Strategies in Covid times and Beyond – A free Webinar

How are Startups likely to be impacted by the Covid-19 crisis? What can they do to counter the impact and reorient their business strategies – for the present Covid times and the days ahead?

Every crisis delivers its negative impact but also brings along with it, changes and new opportunities.

Sridhar Rao will take the audience through some aspects of the Covid-19 impact as it has unfolded so far; on the economy, the society and therefore, on businesses.

He will share his views on what this could mean in terms of the immediate actions startups could take; and what could be the new opportunities that may come up. He will speak on how to, therefore, look at business strategies – in terms of Products, Processes and Customer outreach.

Milind Shah, Advisor Strategy and Leadership in the Healthcare sector will be the special guest in the webinar, who will give his views and responses to the audience questions.

About the Facilitator

Management Coach & Business Mentor

Sridhar Rao is a Management Consultant, Mentor and Coach. He brings his long experience of business management and people leadership skills to provide strong insights to clients in designing Business Strategy as well as in managing business operations, processes and teams. He works with Startups, providing consultancy, mentoring and coaching support. Sridhar is an Advisor with Unitus Ventures, an investment…

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