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Customer Acquisition Model – 5 key questions that define the Model

Sales and Revenue provide the oxygen for any business, be it a large Corporate, a SME, a Startup or even a one person business.

It is a 365 days effort, therefore, to keep the momentum going and aim for higher growth. Often, it is done in a mechanical way without much of a fresh thought at the products, plans and processes. The market however is not so kind. It changes its needs and expectations rapidly, as the environment changes.

Program Objective

The Business Environment, now is in an ever changing mode; with multiple issues impacting it, often simultaneously. If on one side it is competition bringing new products and technology to make existing ones obsolete; on the other, it could be government laws or even nature’s unexpected fury, such as Covid 19, which force businesses to review and redesign their strategies.

Business Managers and Entrepreneurs need to be on their toes to be able to respond at the earliest. While they know their businesses the best, often, in a hurry to take action, the responses to situations may not go through an objective and logical thought process. The actions, then are sub optimal.

InfinumGrowth has put together this comprehensive Learning Video program on Customer Acquisition Model, which gives frameworks which any business, at any level of size and scale, could apply; to understand the market changes and align the sales and marketing strategies accordingly. The program brings in a few time tested Marketing and Behaviour concepts to apply in designing,  planning and implementing a Customer Acquisition Strategy.

In the Learning Video Content section on this page, please click on the first session – Introduction to the Customer Acquisition Model Program, to view the facilitator Sridhar Rao speak about this program.

The Facilitator

Sridhar Rao, Management Coach & Business Mentor, is a Business Management veteran, with over 37 years experience in Sales, Marketing and Senior level Business Management, across 8 different industries. He was with Vodafone India for 8 years as CEO of different businesses, of which 6 years were spent in building a market leadership  business at the Kolkata & West Bengal circles; in the early, rapid growth phase of the telecom industry.

He then Co-Founded a Fintech startup, Novopay Solutions along with 3 other experienced professionals; and led the initial years as CEO, shaping the core Business and Customer Acquisition Model.

Novopay is now a well established and profitable, national level  banking services company, in its 8th year of existence.

Read more about Sridhar Rao in his profile at the end of this page.


Learning Video Content

(1 Module(s) |6 Session(s) | 1 hour(s) )
  • Customer Acquisition
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      Introduction to Customer Acquisition Learning Video Program 03 min Preview
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About the trainer

Management Coach & Mentor

Sridhar Rao is a Management Coach and Mentor. As a Management Coach he provides support to businesses in working on Business Strategy and Development, Business Processes and Team Management issues. He works as a Startup Mentor working with Entrepreneurs as a sounding board and guide in their entrepreneurial journey. Sridhar also works with Management Professionals in thinking through career goals…

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Program features


  • The Price shown is in Indian Rupees includes GST.
  • The approximate equivalent price in US$ is 7
  • This package includes a 1 hour follow up live session as explained below.
  • Payments can be made using international credit cards amongst other options.

How to Enroll:

  • First time visitors, please click on the "create an account" tab at the top of any page and create your log in id and password.
  • Next, click on the "Enroll Now" tab to enroll for the program.
  • If you are an Existing User, directly click on the "Enroll Now" button. Key in your Login ID or Email and the Password to enroll.


This segment  will take minimum 1 hour  to complete, including the time taken to watch each video and to do the introspective exercises.


This segment of the program comprises of 5 sessions of learning videos which are accompanied by 4  introspective exercises to be completed by the participant.


  • The exercises are available in the session page, below the video . Please download each exercise and work on it as and when directed by the Facilitator  in the session.
  • Please give enough time to do each exercise, so that there is sufficient introspection done. This will help in understanding each session's content and internalising the key takeaways.

Live, Online, Follow up Session for clarifications

  • This program comes with the added benefit of a 1 hour live group session conducted online by Sridhar Rao  every month
  • All participants will receive invites for this session after completing this segment.


  • On completion of  the 5 video sessions and all exercises, please do submit your feedback; including, any particular aspect you would like to know more about in the live, interactive session.