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Cash Management – Is your Early Stage Business Cash Smart?

Welcome to this Learning Video Program  on Cash flow Management and Capital Productivity by Mani Padmanabhan, Finance Leader & Shared CFO, with 3 decades of experience ranging from Corporates to working with Startups.


Business Needs: Businesses, be they Startups or SMEs, invariably need to build at the early stage using limited funds. Revenues are low at early stage while operating costs are fixed or growing. Free cash for driving business growth is therefore limited and needs to be optimised.

At the same time, the business needs to be quickly brought to a stage where external equity investment or loans can be attracted.

Investor Needs: Investors and lenders both will look at the business from a point of view of its current and planned Capital Productivity; which is their key measure to determine  that their funds are being productively utilized to provide them the expected returns.

A robust cash management system ensures availability of sufficient liquidity to meet the business requirements whilst provisioning  adequate cash for sustainable value creation through business growth and expansion.

Early Stage businesses, therefore, need to look at cash flow and capital productivity as supreme measures.

Program Content

In this Learning Video program there are three segments

  1. Typical problems in Cash Management
  2. 4 steps to Smarter Cash Management
  3. Capital Productivity – The key parameter for Investors/Loan providers

 Mani Padmanabhan takes us through these three sessions to cover

  • Optimal planning for the right amount of Cash resources,
  • Optimal deployment of cash and
  • Optimal Sourcing and management of cash.
  • Significance of capital productivity and its relevance.

all three being vital for the survival of the business and also for its growth.

Meet the Facilitator 

Mani Padmanabhan, a multi sector finance and people leader, with experience in large corporates and as an advisor for startups and early stage businesses, brings his long experience and understanding of finance management to design this program. To know more about Mani, please see his profile shared at the end of this page.

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Learning Video Content

(3 Session(s) | 40 minute(s) )
  • Cash Management
    • Session1.1
    • Session1.2
    • Session1.3

About the trainer

Co-Founder, Vanman MA(

Mani Padmanabhan is a Partner with CFO Bridge LLC and is the Co Founder of Vanman Management Advisors Pvt Ltd. He is also advisor to Protiviti India and ME; and is associated with InfinumGrowth as a Advisor & Coach. Mani is a CA, CWA, CFE and certified IP. He is a Finance and People leader with 2.5 decades of multi…

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