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Customer Acquisition – 5 key questions to define a sustainable model

Customer Acquisition – 5 key questions to define a sustainable model

Customer Acquisition – 5 key questions to define a sustainable model

No Customer, No Business!
Needless to say, Customer Acquisition is the most important factor that decides the success and sustenance of any business.

Be it large Corporates, SMEs, early stage Startups or even Solopreneur businesses; the Customer Acquisition model is key to a continuous flow of business and revenue. With dramatic changes happening now in the way the world works, there’s a need to put on our thinking hats to work out the way forward for each business.

For Startups and Small Businesses, a timely and correct decision on the customer acquisition model decides the fate of the business. Delays in arriving at the right customer profile and an effective way of consistently acquiring customers, could burn up precious, limited resources; and also turn away investors.

The truth is, many early stage failures are precisely for this reason.

What are the critical steps to be followed to ensure the business arrives at a workable customer acquisition model without wasting too much of time or resources?

Sridhar Rao, Startup Mentor, Management Coach and Startup Entrepreneur with over 35 years of experience in diverse industries, in Corporates and Startups;


Mani Padmanabhan, Finance Leader, Virtual CFO and Mentor, with over 30 years experience across different industries, with Corporates and Startups,

will jointly conduct a Free Webinar on the 5 key questions that businesses need to focus upon, in order to develop an appropriate customer acquisition model.

The Webinar will be an interactive, 1.5 hours session with real examples  being explained and a Q&A session with the audience.

So whether you are an employed Sales & Marketing professional or an Entrepreneur, here’s an interesting opportunity to step back and look at different perspectives in Customer Acquisition. Do join us on 4th of December, 2020 from 4.30pm to 6.00pm India time.

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Management Consultant, Mentor & Coach

Sridhar Rao is a Management Consultant, Mentor and Coach. He brings his long experience of business management and people leadership skills to provide strong insights to clients in designing Business Strategy as well as in managing business operations, processes and teams. He works with Startups, providing consultancy, mentoring and coaching support. Sridhar is an Advisor with Unitus Ventures, an investment…

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Co-Founder, Vanman MA( ; Partner at Peachtree MA

Multi-domain Finance and people Leader with 3 decades experience in large Indian and US listed entities and as Virtual CFO / advisor; Author, Writer and Trainer; Life Fellow member at IOD (Institute of Directors) Director at Vanman Management Advisors Pvt Ltd; Partner at Peachtree MA, Virtual CFO and a trusted business partner offering bespoke services as explained below: • -…

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